A family is tied together by the ropes of solidarity. One unified collective. Within it´s walls you can feel  at home. You could compare it to a sort-of gang in many ways.
Gangs often identify themselves by what they wear. And when we first started looking at children´s wear, we couldn´t find any clothes that suited our gang.
This is one of the reasons why we started the BRAND. We reckon you should be able to give your kids clothes that you would enjoy wearing yourself.
Of course we don´t forget that kids should always be and look like kids, and we try our hardest to make sure we don´t cross that line.

Often the recipe for that is making clothes with a bit of fashion, a bit of rock n´roll and a good measure of playfullness thrown in there too!

Here at the BRAND we genuinely hope that all our products inspire you to shape and mould your own styles. Styles that ultimately will strengthen the love and connection in your family. It´s what it´s all about!